6 Web Hosting Providers that Really Values Your Money > eWebGuru Blog

Most people undervalue the importance of having a good web hosting provider. The reliability of your web hosting service is vital to your online business success. Website hosting services are basically the plot of internet land that your website sits on. It helps you keep it running so your customers can access your site with […]

How to access hidden .htaccess file in cPanel 1

How to access hidden .htaccess file in cPanel > eWebGuru Blog

Many times core files like a htaccess are hidden by default to maintain security. Are you looking to access the .htaccess file in cPanel of eWebGuru? Here we will guide you to access your hidden .htaccess file in your control panel. How to access the hidden htaccess file in cPanel Step 1 First you have […]

What is the fastest way to remove malware or virus from your WordPress site?

If you are advanced user or willing to learn install ModSecurity. This is a great free GPL application control that monitors every step of your webserver for common and specific malicious attacks. Install: Bash: yum install mod_security mod_security_crs git clone https://github.com/SpiderLabs/owasp-modsecurity-crs.git Then you need to customize httpd.conf to load it into apache and then modify […]

mchk plesk - How do we perform mchk plesk?

Database issues in Plesk Panel

Having a hard time dealing with database issues in the Plesk panel? We can help you with it. Most of the database issues that we deal with in the Plesk panel mainly occur due to database misconfiguration. These errors may occur due to the updates made in the Plesk panel or due to any new […]

How to raise server speed 1

How to raise server speed > eWebGuru Blog

Server speed is very important for the website owner because more time taken by loading page or site visitors start ignoring site due to slow speed, so we should such strategies and methods that can reduce the server response time. Server response time and its importance Server response time is a time taken from page […]

mchk plesk - How do we perform mchk plesk?

mchk plesk – How do we perform mchk plesk?

Figuring how to do “mchk” Utility in Plesk? We can help you. This utility rebuilds all mail configuration files. In addition, it restores the settings for all mailboxes created in Parallels Plesk Panel. As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several Plesk queries. Today, let’s see how our Support Engineers […]

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What is Edge Computing? – Hivelocity Hosting

Edge computing is more than just a buzzword. If you’re active within the tech community, this probably isn’t your first time hearing it. Conceptually, it represents a shift in industry thinking regarding the role of physical location in our digital lives. As the internet’s worldwide influence grows, companies within the tech and information sectors must […]