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How to raise server speed 1

Server speed is very important for the website owner because more time taken by loading page or site visitors start ignoring site due to slow speed, so we should such strategies and methods that can reduce the server response time.

Server response time and its importance

Server response time is a time taken from page or site loading to server response to that site and it is measured by TTFB (time to first byte). Server response time is important because in study revealed that almost 40 % web users quit the site that was not loaded within 3 seconds. User experience and search engine optimization are main two factors that affects server response time.

Good server response time

According to google recommendation server response time must be less than 200 milliseconds, ideal time is 100 milliseconds and 500ms consider as an issue.

Google categorized the sites into main three groups.

  1.  Fast speed between 90-100 and this type of sites covers 10% of total websites.
  2.  Average speed is between 50-89 and the percentage is 40.
  3. Slow speed is between 0-49 and almost half websites are working as slow websites.

Ways to improve server response time/ server speed

  • Authentic and quick hosting
  • Some factors that slow the server speed and affect the performance of the server including
  • Free web hosting
  • Irrelated hosting services
  • Non- supportive behaviors
  • Server shred sources

Content delivery network

CDN is actually a system that provide the proxies and centers to the servers, and the services on the bases of geographical locations.

When you are going to decide the hosting center you must be know your target audience and their responses, it will help to set the goals towards your sites.

Sort out databases

Databases is information stored when you keep adding information about your sites and you have to solve the small queries that are set by sites or that can help the visitors. For example, for WordPress you have to work on small queries and then on left ones.

Size of WordPress

WordPress is attractive for web users because it facilitates them by providing different themes and design for improving their presentations.

Templet by WordPress should be simple and not traffic by plugins because it slower the server speed time.


PHP should be updated to latest version of it. Old version has slow speed and server response time is delayed so updation is compulsory.

PHP compatibility checker tells the function of PHP either it is working smoothly or not.

Set-up of caching 

Caching is process in which visitor or host companies can reuse the recently or frequently used files. It makes fast results and give the better experience then previously used.

Caching is hidden space present in mobile phone and WordPress etc. it speeds up the loading time.

Reduce the size of scripts

Scripts should be concise and brief, avoid unnecessary details and long sentences.

JavaScript, CSS and external files improve the performance of websites and the minification of scripts is best solution when large data is present.

It improves the server time.

Selection of right application server

By default, applications are used by application owners in their respective servers for example cloud and VPS these servers facing the optimization issue and ultimately speed is affected.

Go to default setting for changing the server and you will get the caching recovery.

Turn on HTTP

It is a beneficial impact of HTTP new version of this has less server response time and can be improved by following ways

  • Use single connection for the transformation of files, multiple connection slower the server response time.
  • ‘PUSH’ing files require render page before browsing.
  • Files that are transfer should be in computer language instead of bulky data.
  • It saves the time by adding small valuable files.

Upgrade hard disk to SSD

When your hard disk is stuck in and pressure is exerted due to storge issue and you can not find the required files.

So, SSD disc or card can be used and data can be shared and thus server response time will increase.

Cutdown rendering path

Simply the smallernumber of applications is used for the sight of files or images the less time will require so you have to delete the unseen themes and files and also uninstall the less used application.

Above all ways, method and suggestion that can we should adopt and apply for raising and improving the server speed.